Fat Loss Factor Review

Anyone who’s been trying to undergo fat loss would’ve definitely heard of the Fat Loss Factor diet and fitness program by Doctor Michael Allen at some point of time.

In this Fat Loss Factor review, I will help you take an objective look at this program, along with its pros and cons. My aim is that after reading this review you should be able to decide whether this program is good enough for you or not.

What is Fat Loss Factor?

As it is evident from its name, Fat Loss Factor is a program that helps you lose fat. It has been created by Doctor Michael Allen, a certified advanced nutritionist, certified wellness practitioner and a board-certified chiropractic physician. The program spans over a period of 12 weeks and is made up of a combination of some specific nutritional and strength training guidelines.

The main driving principle behind this program is its diet plan which cleanses the body of all the toxins right at the beginning. Thereafter, the program encourages you to consume food items which are metabolism boosters, like complex carbohydrate fibres and proteins.



What all is contained in the Fat Loss Factor program?

Without going into the extensive details of each one of its components, following are the main items you will receive when you purchase the Fat Loss Factor program:

  • The main Fat Loss Factor e-book
  • Detailed workout plans
  • Exercise log
  • Master cleanse videos
  • Short 15 minute workouts
  • FooJoo software
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Goal setting guide
  • Fat Loss Factor measurement forms
  • Recipes e-book

An excellent method of reviewing any program is by comprehensively going over its pros and cons. Let’s do the same with Fat Loss Factor program.


Fat Loss Factor pros

Customisable – Fat Loss Factor program is such that it can be easily customised to suit your individual requirements. After you have successfully cleaned your body by eliminating all the toxins in the first two weeks, you start with rigourous workouts and balanced eating. The program is such that it features detailed workout plans accommodating the needs of 3 levels of trainees: advanced, intermediate and beginners. Hence, you can follow this program regardless of your present fitness level.

Moneyback guarantee – This says a lot about the confidence Doctor Michael Allen has in his program. He goes to the extent of offering a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee to all the users. So, you can try out this program and in case you feel that you aren’t benefiting from it, feel free to ask for a full refund.

Access to lifetime updates – Anyone who buys the Fat Loss Factor program receives free of cost lifetime updates. This ensures that you’ll keep receiving the most updated information in the future, thus keeping your fitness level safeguarded for the rest of your life.

Personal coaching – After you purchase Fat Loss Factor program, you will receive complete one year personal email coaching directly from Doctor Michael Allen.

Easy to follow program – The most important aspect of Fat Loss Factor program by Doctor Michael Allen is that it is extremely easy to follow and has been created keeping in mind the practical considerations of our day-to-day lives. Although it focuses extensively on healthy exercise and nutrition routines, it doesn’t make you change your lifestyle drastically in order to see visible results.

Fat Loss Factor cons

First two weeks are pretty difficult – The initial detoxification that goes on for the first two weeks of the program may prove to be difficult for some people.

Additional investment – The program may make you spend a little extra on certain food items, as it encourages all fat loss aspirants to opt for organic produce and healthier alternatives.

Demands commitment – Although the program is easy to follow and the guidelines detailed in it may seem simple to apply, it does require a considerable amount of commitment. You will have to be mentally prepared to make some significant changes to your daily eating habits, apart from indulging in regular workout every day.

Fat Loss Factor review – Final verdict

All in all, I found Fat Loss Factor program to be quite effective when it comes to consistent weight loss. It doesn’t offer any kind of magic pill or diet supplement which will make you undergo fat loss overnight. Rather, it combines three important pillars of fat loss – cardio training, strength training and nutrition in a highly impressive manner. Fat Loss Factor is a must try for anyone struggling with fat loss or weight loss in general.

Hope I was able to help you through this comprehensive Fat Loss Factor review.

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